Magnetic Water Enhancer Block Coaster Powerful 14,500/3,400 Gauss Magnet
Magnetic Water Enhancer Block Coaster Powerful 14,500/3,400 Gauss Magnet
Magnetic Water Enhancer Block Coaster Powerful 14,500/3,400 Gauss Magnet

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Magnetic Water Enhancer Block Coaster Powerful 14,500/3,400 Gauss Magnet

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The coaster is handmade from ceramic and sustainably harvested cork, measure approximately 4’’ in diameter , and about 0.5’’ thick.

Extremely powerful 14,500 Core Gauss/3,720 Surface Gauss Rare Earth Magnet used in this water coaster is an extremely strong permanent field being up to 10 times more powerful than Ferrite/ceramic magnets and they have a up to 8 inches penetration.

Some benefits North Pole Magnetized water may have:

+ Cleanse your body from the inside - Dissipate toxic deposits within the body’s connective tissues

+ Aid the digestive system and regulate bowel movements

+ Help balance your body’s pH levels (alkalinity and Acidity)

+ Natural antibiotic - May assist in reducing inflammation and infections on wounds and sores

+ Increase oxygen in the blood enabling the body to work more efficiently

+ Cleanse skin affected with acne, bed sores and ulcerated areas, psoriasis/dermatitis

+ Gout - Arthritis

+ Kidney ailments

+ Chronic acidosis related disease

+ Increased energy

+ May Assist in alleviating headaches/migraines

+ Minimize Cholesterol, calcium deposits and bad body fats that impede circulation And much more……

This also applies to animals.

Dogs suffering arthritic conditions, they not only drink the magnetic water but some of them wear a magnetic collar and sleep on a magnetic dog bed, these dogs have shown a remarkable improvement in their condition. Their owners have expressed total amazement in the increase in vitality and movement in their dogs, some of which the VET had given up on.

Magnet characteristics:

Rare Earth Magnet N50
1"x 1/8"
14,500 Core Gauss/ 3,717 surface Gauss
19.5 Lbs pull

The NORTH field of the magnet is an Alkaline field helping to neutralize the acidity in the system. UNIPOLAR Magnets are NORTH facing toward the top of the coaster. Magnetized water is thought to have rejuvenating powers, increase energy and remove toxins from the body. Millions of people worldwide use magnetic Therapy on a regular basis as their preferred natural alternative to Pain Relief without Drugs

Super magnetized water will hydrate faster, Ionize the water, minimizing plaque build-up in kidneys, carry away toxins, improve circulation, increase cell stability, balance PH levels and energize the whole body.

Place pitcher of water, milk or juices on the Magnetic Water Coaster, liquid will be magnetized in 3 hours (one gallon). A glass of liquid is magnetized in about 20 minutes. Can be used to magnetize facial creams and rubbing ointments. Magnetizing the creams allows them to absorb better into the body. Helps make your water smoother, coffee less bitter and orange juice less tart!

May help Arthritis, Digestion, vitality, blood pressure, skin ailments, urinary system, and weight loss aid.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Persons who are fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should not use magnetic products. Magnets should always be kept at least 4-20 inches (10cm -50cm) away from computer hard drives. Also do not store magnets near any products with a battery, ie mobile phones OR your credit cards.

PREGNANCY: Due to the fact that no research has been done on the effect of magnetic products during pregnancy, we advise women not to use magnetic therapy until after the birth.

Always check with your health professional if ever in doubt.